The Ultimate Guide to Event Marketing

Are you looking for event marketing strategies to spread the word about your upcoming event? You’ve come to the right place! Check out our team’s nifty online marketing tips below to boost your ticket sales, reach wider audiences, and make sure your attendees keep coming back for more!

What is event marketing?

Long story short, event marketing is how you get the word out about your event. It can range from being as simple as asking your friends and family to spread the excitement, to leveraging social media, to crafting a strategic digital marketing plan. Basically, it's an opportunity to reach an audience who might want to join in on the fun. Creating a marketing strategy is a vital part of getting ready for your event and making sure your event is a huge success!

Measure success with KPIs

Before you get knee-deep into the details of your event marketing plan, it's time to map out your path to success. How, you ask? Well, that's where key performance indicators (KPIs) come in! They're specific goals that guide your team, helping you measure your progress and get a handle on how your marketing efforts are faring. Think of them as milestones you set to make sure you're heading in the right direction. As your marketing magic starts to work, keep an eye on these KPIs. They'll show you what's working and what might need a bit of a tweak. And the best part? They give you the power to adjust your game plan as you go. Check out a few examples of KPIs you may find valuable for your event:

Number of tickets sold

Your number of tickets sold is a direct line to your revenue and how many people you can plan to attend on the big day! So, it’s a great factor to measure how successful your event is. Pro tip: Kick off ticket sales early so you have ample time to reach potential buyers.


Cash flow alert! Your revenue isn't just from ticket sales; it can also roll in from things like merch and donations. Take a look at which days and times bring in the most revenue and if there’s any relation with your target audience. For instance, if your target audience is mainly high schoolers, you'll likely see a peak in sales during after-school hours or on weekends. Use these insights to strategically plan when to do the bulk of your marketing!

The number of event check-ins

If you’re hosting a free event, you may want to keep an eye on the amount of actual check-ins vs. registrations. If ticket buyers are reserving spots but not attending, this is an indicator that you may need to adjust your event marketing strategy. You want to keep your potential attendees excited about your event all the way until event day to ensure a lively venue! 

Attendee engagement

Keep your eyes peeled on social media. Count your shares, likes, and mentions like treasures in a chest. Which posts are stealing the spotlight? Know what works best, and give the people more of what they love! And if you're sending out an email campaign, track how many people  click open your emails and who buys a ticket after reading which email.

Attendee experience

Ever wondered what makes your attendees happy? Ask them! Use smart registration questions during checkout and toss out some post-event surveys. Find out how they stumbled upon your event, what made them grin from ear to ear, and all the juicy details in between. The feedback you receive is the key to making your next event even more epic! 

Event marketing strategies to drive more revenue

Build a branded event page to sell tickets online

Let’s get into building your event ticketing page! Think of it as your event's virtual home – a place that reflects your style and makes ticket-buying a breeze, all with a few clicks.

Most people are grabbing tickets on their phones, so it's crucial to have a page that looks amazing on any device. Look for an online ticketing system that offers easy-to-use templates or allows you to build your page from scratch. Don't forget to include the important deets: date, time, venue (and yes, the insider scoop on parking!)

Send email blasts to targeted audiences

When you target the right audience, email marketing can be a powerful tool to spread the word about your event. Consider building a targeted email list out of audiences who already have an interest in your event like past attendees or newsletter subscribers. This way your emails are being sent to people who are more likely to engage with your content or make a purchase. 

Offer exclusive deals for those who purchase a ticket before a certain date. Or encourage your email recipients to share your event with their friends to receive a group discount when they buy four or more tickets!  Sharing is caring, after all!

Here are the golden rules for email success:

  • Include an attention-grabbing subject line that jumps into your readers. Be sure to use emojis when necessary.
  • Ex. It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere 🍷
  • Use your pre-header text to give more detail on your subject line
  • Ex. The Chicago Wine Festival is back and bigger than ever! Grab your tickets today!
  • Personalise and use their names! Put them in the subject line or sprinkle them in the email body.
  • Use an exciting visual to get attendees amped for your event!
  • Include event details like where, when, and what – spill it all. Paint a vivid picture of what's waiting for them.
  • Add a crystal clear call to action. Tell them to hit that 'Buy Tickets' button and link them straight to your event page.

Be sure to pick an event ticketing system that lets you send event emails without breaking the bank. It's a game-changer! All your attendee info is in one place, making segmenting customers easier than ever!

Shout from the rooftops on social media

Event marketing on social media is an essential way to create hype for your upcoming event. All year round and especially as your big day approaches, you should be consistently posting on  Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and all your favourite platforms.Your social media pages should reflect the onsite experience of your event. This means posting high-quality pics and videos with snappy captions, and a call to action, like "Grab your tickets while they last!" Try out these tips to get the most out of your event’s social media campaign”:

Stay active

Post something every single day! And as your event draws near, aim for 7-10 posts a week. Keep the excitement flowing!

Quality over quantity

Ditch the dull – post stuff that makes your followers go 'wow'! Share event tidbits, showcase your amazing community, and shower your fans with love. Shout-outs are like virtual high-fives!

Create event hashtags

Want to be the talk of the town? Hashtags are your golden ticket! Use 1-3 on every post, including your own special hashtag. If done right, you can even improve the chances of people finding your posts on social media through a search engine like Google. It's like your event's signature – make sure everyone knows it so people will surely hear you when you #ShoutFromTheRooftops!

Invite people to follow

Invite your friends and the event enthusiasts straight from your Facebook Page. Sometimes, it's as easy as a click to put your event on everyone's map!

Include your social handle on everything (and we mean everything)

Put your social media handles on everything – and we mean EVERYTHING! From online posts to printed flyers, emails to event banners – make sure your handles are everywhere. The more, the merrier!

Craft posts that magnetise followers

Design your Facebook and Instagram posts to draw in followers. Don’t just stop at captions – put interactive calls to action right in the post text. For example, “Tag the biggest wine-lover you know!” Watch your community grow!

Engage with communities on their social media

Engage with existing communities and follow the right accounts. Use Instagram Search to find nearby users through hashtags and geotags. Start liking, sharing, and commenting on their posts. Chances are, they'll return the favour and follow you if they like what they see!

Consistently post video content

Take advantage of TikTok and Instagram's massive Gen Z user base with videos. Show off your event from every angle – take your followers behind the scenes, introduce them to artists and staff, or share setup time lapses. Videos are the way to their hearts!

Share user-generated content

Encourage attendees to post from your event using your custom hashtag (e.g., #SydneySpectacle). When you need fresh content, just search your hashtag. Look for those beaming faces enjoying your event – reshare their posts on your social profiles. It's like a fan-powered content bonanza!

Embrace your local community

When it comes to spreading the word about your event, your local community is a goldmine waiting to be tapped! Ever thought about getting your event featured in local news outlets, magazines, or popular blogs? They often offer spaces for ads, sponsored posts, and even spots in their email newsletters. Imagine your event being spotlighted where locals are already looking! And here's a secret tip: offer a sweet discount to those who grab tickets on the spot. It's a win-win!

But hey, let's not forget the power of offline promotion! Dust off those classic marketing moves – flyers, print ads in magazines and newspapers, and even billboards. Picture this: partnering with local restaurants to hand out discount coupons for your event. It's like giving your ticket sales a turbocharge!

And here's a modern twist – ever heard of influencer marketing? Find local influencers and personalities with a dedicated fanbase. Work together to create a buzz and perhaps, you’ll even find sponsors while you’re at it. You might be surprised – influencer marketing can be not only effective but also budget-friendly compared to other paid ads.

Track discounts, promotions, and special pricing

You're on the right track with using enticing discounts and special pricing strategies – they're ticket sale superstars! Early-bird specials, group discounts, and loyalty campaigns – they all bring in the crowds. But you have to remember to track! Wondering how? Attach unique tracking parameters to your event page URLs for each promo, influencer, or discount code. This way, you'll know precisely where those sales are rolling in from. It's like having a map of your event's success. So, keep those discounts coming and let the tracking magic begin!

Expand your reach with paid social ads

Want to fill up your event venue? Paid social advertising is one way to do so! Facebook Ads Manager opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to targeting potential customers on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Here's the scoop: target your event audience like a pro. Focus on interests that match your event – if it's a music festival, aim for fans of your artists, local festivals, or music enthusiasts in general.

After you’ve collected enough purchase data, try unlocking a new audience by exploring  Lookalike Audiences. It creates a fresh audience based on your existing customers. No sweat off your back – Facebook does the heavy lifting!

Since you're reaching out to new faces, make your ads friendly, informative, and utterly captivating. Splash your event details and a clear call to action (like "Book Now") alongside eye-catching visuals. Test different ad formats – static pics, snappy videos, or carousel ads – to see what clicks with your audience.

Remember, these ads are like your event's first impression to potential attendees. So, make 'em stop scrolling with the best event pics you've got. Let's get those tickets flying off the shelves!

Remarket to past visitors on social media

Ever heard of remarketing? It's like having a second chance to win over potential attendees who visited your website but didn't snag a ticket.

These users are prime candidates to secure a ticket sale as they have already shown interest in your content. . Instead of starting a new campaign, zero in on them again with remarketing. Where? Think Facebook and Instagram – places where your audience hangs out.

If you have customer lists from previous years, upload them to Facebook. Now you can target these specific users via social media ads. It's like reconnecting with old friends!

Now, how to make your remarketing ads shine? First, use friendly reminders to nudge them into buying tickets. Add fresh event info – maybe a testimonial from a thrilled attendee or an exciting event highlight they might have missed. Create urgency – make them feel like they've got to grab your event tickets pronto. And here's the cherry on top: discounts! Offer them a little savings incentive – 20% off kids' tickets or free parking. Sometimes, that extra push is all it takes!

Sign up with a free event ticketing platform

As you build your strategic event marketing plan, consider utilising an intuitive event ticketing system to help you out. With Ticketleap’s free and user-friendly event ticketing software, get your event on sale within minutes! We've got you covered with built-in tools to help promote your event to learn more about ticket buyers. Plus, our branded event pages? They're not just good; they're 'wow your customers' good!

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