TicketLeap Reviews

For over 20 years, TicketLeap has been the obvious choice for events of all types. We pride ourselves on being the free, user-friendly ticketing solution organisers can rely on with exceptional customer support, which is why we've compiled customer reviews from a few of our users to show you exactly what they think of our ticketing platform!


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Queensland Wrestling Alliance

"Queensland Wrestling Alliance have used TicketLeap exclusively for ticket sales to our monthly shows. The simplicity of setup, means in ten or so minutes, we've setup all the ticket sales to an entire show, with discounts and terms and waivers. We highly recommend TicketLeap if you want a hassle-free ticket sale platform."

Paws n Paintz

"We're big fans of TicketLeap. It's seamless to use, incredibly user-friendly, offers a good range of event templates, provides great flexibility with exchanges or refunds, and comes at a really affordable price point compared to other ticketing systems. Plus, our customers enjoy using it saying it's a quick and easy checkout process!"

Little Earthlings Nature Play

"TicketLeap has been a seamless and simple booking system for my small business. I love that I can promote my sessions in a matter of minutes in a professional manner that's equally as straightforward for attendees to navigate. The payments are always prompt and whenever I've needed support, I've been able to access that easily and quickly as well. TicketLeap has been an amazing addition to my work - highly recommend!!"


Discover why people everywhere choose TicketLeap

If TicketLeap reviews weren’t enough, see how we stack up to the competition! With our intuitive design, full feature set, and simple pricing, it's no question that TicketLeap is the best ticketing solution around! Learn why organisers work with TicketLeap over other ticketing platforms like Eventbrite, Trybooking, and more.

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How can I list my event on TicketLeap?

To list your event on TicketLeap, simply create an account, follow the step-by-step process to set up, and publish your event within minutes!

What types of events are best for TicketLeap?

TicketLeap supports all kinds of events, including concerts, festivals, fundraisers, and more! We cover it all!

What support and resources are available for organisers on TicketLeap?

TicketLeap provides event creators with reliable customer support, event organising and marketing tips, and a detailed help centre. Discover these invaluable resources for expert guidance on setting up and flawlessly managing successful events!

What sets TicketLeap apart from other ticketing platforms?

TicketLeap is an absolute powerhouse, boasting an array of free features and tools! With our event ticketing platform, you can build perfectly branded event pages, engage with your attendees, and track performance metrics. Plus, our payment processing provides secure and seamless transactions, guaranteeing safety and peace of mind.

Why choose TicketLeap for event ticketing?

TicketLeap provides a winning combination of reliability, security, and powerful features for easy event planning. Our intuitive platform and helpful support team give organisers everything they need to produce successful events . From easy ticket sales and secure payments to user-friendly marketing tools, TicketLeap has it all.


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