What is TicketLeap?


Revolutionising event management for all event types and sizes

TicketLeap is a leading, user-friendly online ticketing platform designed to streamline event management. With a focus on simplicity and accessibility, TicketLeap’s platform enables organisers to effortlessly create, promote, and sell tickets for events of all sizes.

From small gatherings to large-scale conferences, TicketLeap provides a seamless and efficient solution, empowering event organisers with tools for registration, promotion, and attendee management. As part of the Leap Event Technology family, TicketLeap continues to expand its reach, offering innovative solutions to elevate event experiences..

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A history of how our free, easy-to-use ticketing platform has transformed online ticket sales

TicketLeap was founded in 2003 after realising many of the industry's event ticketing solutions were designed for large-scale events and lacked a user-friendly design. That left a high barrier to entry for smaller events who needed a more flexible solution without any long-term contracts. Our platform has similar tools as larger ticketing systems, available to all organisers, all the time, at no cost. ‍  

We quickly made waves in the U.S. by not only offering an easy-to-use platform for smaller events, but also putting an emphasis on providing local support for event organisers. To continue empowering organisers of all types and sizes to create events, we joined the Leap Event Technology family in 2017 as its do-it-yourself solution alongside other event ticketing and technology brands in Australia, Canada, and the U.S. One of these brands was Ticketbooth, the Australia-based enterprise ticketing solution. From the start, it was clear that our vision lined up with Ticketbooth’s: to help organisers connect attendees with their experiences by providing locally-sourced technology and support.

Since then, Australia’s committed community of event organisers has only grown, with Ticketbooth powering over 25,000 events in the country alone. So, with the passion for live events thriving and our own experienced support team already based here, we knew it was time to expand TicketLeap’s free ticketing solution and empower Australian organisers to use our intuitive platform to sell out tickets to all their events.

The plan for Leap Event Technology was to create a suite of event technology tools that provided organisers with a single solution for all their ticketing and event management needs. The company began by bringing together the best software in the online ticket sales space (including TicketLeap Australia!), with the goal of expanding to the entire event experience, including mobile apps, access control features, and engagement products.

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The future is bright with Leap Event Technology

Event creators look to Leap Event Technology for the latest evolution in technology and services. Our solution empowers creators to take control of their entire event experience and become thought leaders in their industry. 

With our ever-evolving suite of tools, an expert team located across the globe, and the ability to support every type of event, we are redefining the event industry.

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Join the Leap Event Technology team.

At Leap Event Technology, we're dedicated to helping our clients transform how attendees experience their events. Our team of event experts thrive in a collaborative, fast-paced environment that rewards innovation and critical thinking. 

With employees located around the world, we're poised to support attractions, festivals, concerts, performing arts, conventions, new events, and more in any way they need.

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Why choose TicketLeap for event ticketing?

From seamless ticket creation to powerful analytics, TicketLeap empowers organisers to maximise event success. Not only that, but our full suite of features is completely available to all organisers from the get go, no service tier, subscriptions, or contracts. Plus, our online ticketing platform's mobile-first design makes it easier than ever for event organisers to manage their ticket sales on the go. Our friendly support team is also incredibly experienced and eager to help your events succeed, making TicketLeap the best ticketing platform for events!

Can TicketLeap be customised for different types of events?

Yes, TicketLeap is designed to be versatile and adaptable to a wide range of events! Whether you're organising a small community gathering, attraction, festival, or another awesome event, TicketLeap provides customisable features to meet your needs.

What sets TicketLeap apart from other ticketing platforms?

TicketLeap stands out in the event ticketing market because of our user-centric approach, affordable pricing, and innovative features. Compare TicketLeap to our competitors to see how our online ticketing platform goes beyond basic ticketing to enhance the overall event experience for both organisers and attendees!

Is TicketLeap secure for online transactions?

Security is a top priority for TicketLeap! Our solution is built upon an enterprise-level ticketing system that’s PCI compliant and uses payment verification with Stripe. Using our robust payment processor to data encryption, TicketLeap takes extensive precautions to ensure safe and secure tickets sales.

Is TicketLeap legit?

Absolutely! TicketLeap is a powerful event ticketing solution that’s been fueling millions of events since 2003. With its user-friendly interface and secure payment options, TicketLeap is a leading ticket provider for events of all sizes. Not to mention, we’re backed by a leading company in the live events industry – Leap Event Technology! Whether you’re an event fanatic looking to buy your next set of tickets or an event organiser looking to host your next awesome experience, TicketLeap is the go-to solution for you!


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