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8 Tips to On How to Increase Ticket Sales for an Event for Free

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One of the things we love about working at TicketLeap is that we get to help organisations of all types (and budgets) sell tickets to their events. You don't need a huge budget to build buzz. Check out our top eight tips to increase ticket sales without spending a cent.

1. Write a great event description


Sure, you're excited about your event, but why should your potential attendees be? A good event description answers that question. It should be both informative (date, time, etc.) and compelling. So go ahead and get creative! Put yourself in their shoes, think about how you want your event to make them feel, and let your words mirror that emotion. Include some version of this description on your event page, social media profiles, and anywhere else you're talking about your event.

2. Share your event URL everywhere to boost ticket sales


One of the many benefits of using a ticketing platform is that it gives you the ability to create a beautiful, professional-looking event page in minutes. This means that you also have a custom URL to share on social media to promote your event and sell tickets online easily and securely. If you know where your audience likes to hang out online, you're all set to start promoting.

Share your event page link on X, in your Instagram bio, and anywhere else your potential attendees can be found. If your organisation has a Facebook group, share your link there and encourage your followers to share it with their audience, too.

3. Create the perfect hashtag


A custom hashtag is a valuable resource when it comes to boosting your event ticket sales. It's a great way for your past, present, and future attendees to find your event across almost any social media platform. Choose a hashtag that's catchy, relevant, and unique. Use your hashtag in all of your marketing efforts and encourage your attendees to do the same. That way, when they share fun photos from your event, it's easy to find them later (especially when you need photos to promote your future events).

4. Find sponsors your audience will love


Sponsorships help increase your ticket revenue because they add value to your event without requiring you to spend extra money. This means you can increase your ticket price and your attendees will still feel they're getting a bang for their buck. Some sponsorships are monetary donations, which allows you to increase your budget from previous events in whatever way will delight your audience the most: a swankier venue, a celebrity guest, or a great DJ.

Other sponsorships involve donations of goods or services, like a restaurant providing lunch at no cost, or a company providing volunteers to staff your event. In return, your sponsors' brand gets a presence at your event so they can grow their audience as well. Win-win!

5. Blog about your event


If your organisation has a blog, post about your event in the weeks leading up to the big day. Be sure to link to your event page in these and other blog posts. If you don't have a blog, try reaching out to bloggers with an audience that would be interested in your event. For example, if your event is family-friendly, a local parenting blogger would be the perfect person to reach out to. Keep your message short, concise, and genuine. Include their name in the salutation so it doesn't feel spammy or impersonal, and only reach out if you think their audience is truly a good match for your event.

6. Build your community


We already mentioned sharing your event page link on social media, but don't forget to go deeper and find online communities that would be interested in your event. Join Facebook groups, subreddits, and neighbourhood/local groups that are relevant to the theme of your event. Post about your event in these groups, but also make a point to check out other group members' posts and comment and interact with them. It's a great way to increase event ticket sales and build some real relationships at the same time.

7. Take advantage of limited-time offers


Have you ever added an item to your cart while shopping online, only to click away before actually buying it? If so, you'll understand how adding a sense of urgency can drive sales. When setting up your event page, create early bird tickets that are priced lower than your regular tickets and only available for a limited time. Promote this early bird deal on social media, and be sure to let your audience know that the offer ends soon. (Note: TicketLeap’s platform always includes multiple ticket types, while other ticketing platforms may charge more for this option. Keep this in mind if you’re shopping around.)

8. Don't forget about in-person opportunities


Sometimes, nothing compares to a face-to-face interaction. Network at events similar to yours, or any events with a shared audience. Keep business cards on hand with links to your social media profiles and event page, and your event hashtag. (Don't go bigger than a business card. People are less inclined to hold on to anything that's too large to tuck into their wallets.) If you know what stores or restaurants your audience frequents, leave flyers there. Bonus: you could use discount codes (your ticketing platform should offer that feature!) specific to those establishments.

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