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How to Write a Press Release for an Event

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While social media posts and email blasts are great ways for event organisers to get the word out about their event, there's one key PR move that's often overlooked: the press release. A well-written press release is more likely to be shared by journalists and other publications. That means you'll drive even more interest in your event and build brand awareness! Read on to learn how to write an effective press release and boost your promotional efforts today.

What is a press release?

A press release is considered your official event announcement and includes all the relevant, exciting details of your upcoming experience. This includes the five W's: when and where your event will take place, what it's all about, who will be there, and why you created it. Not only can a well-written press release be a super valuable tool to add to your event marketing strategy, media personnel (usually your local newspapers and journalists) will be more likely to find your press release and may be inclined to share it!

What are the benefits of an event press release?

An event press release is a proven, low-cost way to promote your upcoming experience, but the benefits don't stop there! Let's dive into a few reasons that you and your team should consider creating a press release for your event, shall we?

Increase brand awareness

This tool can be a formal way to build trust, better your organisation's reputation, and create brand awareness with wider audiences. When a press release is shared, you'll gain immediate exposure to new readers (and potential customers). This has the added benefit of building trust between your local audience and your organisation, as a credible news source publicly supporting you can really boost your reputation. 

Drive event attendance

Think about the number of people who are keeping up with trending news online. That's right, a ton! Writing a press release for your event gives you a chance to target attendees you may not be able to reach through typical marketing efforts like social media posts and email blasts. Creating a well-written press release will help generate even more buzz, ultimately increasing ticket sales and getting more excited customers into your event.

Support SEO efforts

Event press releases can also help your search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts. It gives you an opportunity to include targeted keywords relating to your event, making it more likely that potential customers will find it when they type in those words on search engines like Google and Bing. Plus, when other websites repost your press release and link back to yours, it shows Google and Bing that your content is valuable and should be ranked higher on their Search Engine Results Page.  

How to write an effective event press release

Writing a press release may seem daunting at first, but we'll help you through it! When drafting your announcement, include these seven key sections as a template:

Date and location

Include the publication date of your press release and the location of your event (e.g., 29 September, 2025 - Sydney) first. If you want your press release to be shared as soon as possible, then replace the date with “for immediate release.” This is important because you don't want journalists to share the details of your event before you're ready! The actual date of your event will be shared later in the body of the press release.


The key to a successful press release is a top-notch title or headline. You want to write something catchy that stops readers in their tracks and includes the name of your event. For example, if you're hosting a comedy fundraiser, your title could be “The Laugh of the Century at Sarah's Comedy Club Fundraiser.” You can even further optimise for SEO by adding your most important keyword in the headline. 


A subheading is an optional addition that expands on your headline. It should be one sentence and provide a quick overview of the main point of your press release and make readers want to learn more. For instance, a description like “Help us raise money to renovate Sarah's comedy club while listening to the best comedians in town,” will get people invested.


Write a summary that gives the reader a brief overview of your event's story. Essentially, your lead is an introduction paragraph that answers the who, what, when, and why. Leave further details and explanations for the press release body. 

Pro tip: We recommend writing your lead after you've completed the rest of the press release sections!


You'll be spending most of your time writing the body of your press release, as you'll now dive into what's in store for attendees. Are there any celebrities, popular vendors, guest speakers, or raffles? Spill the details! Provide the most newsworthy information up front and end with the more granular information. Be sure to really communicate the value people will receive from attending your event.


Include any testimonials about your event throughout the body copy of your press release. Whether straight from the event organiser or special guests, this is the time to talk yourself up! Plus, including what past event-goers have said about their experience at your event helps give credibility to what you're promising to deliver.

Company information

To end your press release, include the details of your company and what you do. If you already have a prepared elevator pitch, this is the place to add it. You should also include media contact information (contact name, phone number, and email address) for anyone who wants to follow up with you. You can include the details of any special guests or keynote speakers you discussed in the press release as well. They'll love the additional publicity!

Using these guidelines to write your event press release will make it easier than ever, and you'll be sure to drive more ticket sales to your event!

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