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Your Guide to Reselling Event Tickets

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Did you buy tickets to an event ahead of time but unexpectedly can't go? If you scored tickets to a sporting event, concert, or anything in between and can't make it, you might be able to make your money back – or even sell them for a profit! Learn the basics of ticket resale and how to keep your wallet happy by reselling your event tickets.

If you bought tickets to an upcoming concert, festival, or other event and can no longer attend, you might be wondering how to resell them. Or maybe you're a season ticket holder for your favourite sports team but don't plan on attending every game. Whether your event tickets were bought months in advance or the day before, online ticket resellers can help you put your unwanted tickets to good use, and – if you're lucky – even turn a profit.

Before we dive in, let's review what ticket resale is and how it differs from ticket brokering and scalping.

What is ticket resale?

Ticket resale essentially means that you're reselling a ticket of admission to an event. The tickets are bought from a licensed seller and then sold by the owner of the tickets for whatever price they choose.

What is ticket scalping?

Ticket scalping involves using unfair methods to automate bulk ticket buying. Specifically, they use bots to make purchases faster than typical customers can. The tickets are then resold at a significantly inflated price, meaning that many excited customers who otherwise would have bought a ticket may not be able to anymore. Not only can this affect the reputation of an event that tickets are being scalped for, but it can also lead to lower attendance rates (and we know you want a packed house!)

How ticketing platforms prevent scalping

There are a couple of ways that ticketing platforms help event organisers battle unwanted scalpers, and we recommend implementing one or all of these if you're selling tickets online to your own event:

  • Put a limit on the maximum number of tickets one person can buy

  • Use CAPTCHAs so ticket buyers must prove they're human and not a scalper bot

  • Require customers to make an account on your website before purchasing

When choosing the right ticketing platform for your event, be sure to ask about their strategies for combating scalpers!

How to resell tickets

Now that we know some basic terms, let's figure out how to resell your extra event tickets so everyone comes out as a winner. First, you'll want to determine your online ticket marketplace options. You may already know some of the most popular places where you can resell tickets, like Tixel, Lyte, and StubHub, but how do you know which reseller is best for you? Well, the answer depends on the unique aspects of your event, like the type of tickets you're selling, your audience base, fees and payment methods, and much more. But fear not: we're here to guide you through it!

Reselling tickets to concerts and sporting events

If you're looking to resell tickets to these types of events, Tixel should be the first on your list. These marketplaces are super secure and well known, so you'll have the best chance to sell your tickets at a good price. With options like this, not only can you sell your event tickets with ease, but you can also skip negotiating directly with the ticket buyer entirely!

Safe and secure ticket resellers

Here at TicketLeap, we want customers around the world to always have an easy ticket purchase process, fast admission into every event, and an unforgettable experience while they're there. That can't happen if there are fake tickets floating around! That's why you should always buy and sell tickets on reputable platforms, as most will only resell tickets that are purchased from official, licensed ticket sources. 

Plus, many of the largest ticket reseller platforms give ticket buyers a “valid ticket or your money back” guarantee. And if you accidentally sell a fake ticket on one of these sites? You may be liable for charges up to double the amount of the ticket sale price, so always carefully read your ticketing resale marketplace's terms and conditions to make sure you're following all of their rules.

Ticket reseller fees and payment methods

If you're thinking about reselling your event tickets, you're probably hoping to make your money back or even gain a profit. To make sure you're not leaving money on the table, pay close attention to a ticket reseller's fees and payment methods.

For example, how will you get paid? Most platforms have a variety of ways to get your money, including through bank transfers or PayPal. When will you get paid? It often depends on payment type, but your ticket reseller should have detailed information for you. Lastly (and most importantly), what fees are associated with your ticket resale? Generally, the lower the fee, the more money in your pocket. Fees for the ticket reseller could be as low as 0% or all the way up to 15%, so keep that in mind while you crunch the numbers!

Ticket resale FAQs

Can I list resale tickets on multiple ticketing marketplaces?

You can list event tickets on multiple online ticket resale platforms, but you're responsible for fulfilling the ticket sale on each. This is not recommended because there is a risk that you could double-sell your tickets, which would mean you'd be unable to fulfil one of those sales. That could end up costing you double the ticket price or more!

Where is the best place to resell tickets?

The best place to resell your official event tickets is with a reputable, online ticket reseller marketplace. Make sure you read their ticket seller's terms and conditions and follow all of their rules so you don't lose out on any money.

Using a Free & Intuitive Ticketing Platform

Using a Free & Intuitive Ticketing Platform

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