Organising a Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser

Are you looking for an easy but effective way of raising money for your chosen cause? Why not consider a sausage sizzle! A sausage sizzle is a tried-and-tested fundraising strategy that has helped many charitable organisations in the past years. Whether you’re a passionate volunteer or a seasoned event planner, a sausage sizzle BBQ will surely attract a lot of volunteers, donors, and supporters. In this article, you’ll learn what a sausage sizzle is and how to organise this type of fundraising event. From finding the perfect location to engaging with the community, you’ll find the necessary and relevant details in this helpful guide.

What is a Sausage Sizzler fundraiser?

A fundraising sausage sizzle offers an effective means of bringing people together to raise funds for a cause. During these events, organisers barbecue food, typically sausages but sometimes other options as well, and sell the barbeque food to attendees. The profits generated are usually dedicated to supporting a specific charity or cause.

Sausage sizzle fundraisers are a popular fundraising activity in Australia and New Zealand. These events are not only known for their delicious sausages but also for their relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Sausage sizzle fundraisers are often held in schools, public spaces, and community centres, and their informal nature attracts people from all walks of life.

Why choose a Sausage Sizzler fundraiser?

If you're contemplating using a sausage sizzle to raise money for your favourite charity, you're on the right track. There are several compelling reasons to consider a sausage sizzle fundraiser for your next charity event:


Sausage sizzles enjoy widespread popularity in Australia. Many people are familiar with and fond of them. This familiarity can easily attract a broad range of participants. The more people who attend, the greater your chances of finding donors. The enticing sight and aroma of sausages sizzling on the grill tend to draw in bystanders and passersby, increasing your event's appeal.

Low Cost

Running a sausage sizzle won't break the bank. You only need to purchase sausages, bread, and condiments, which are all budget-friendly. Because of its low cost, there's a high-profit margin, making it an economically sound choice for fundraising.

Easy to prepare

You don't need to be a gourmet chef to cook sausages. Grilling sausages is a straightforward process that you can quickly master. This saves you money that you might have otherwise spent on hiring a professional chef.

Additionally, setting up for a sausage sizzle is a breeze; you can arrange your grilling area in various locations with minimal equipment required. The simplicity of preparing sausages also allows you to accommodate different dietary needs, such as offering vegetarian or vegan sausages with minimal adjustments.

How to organise a Sausage Sizzler fundraiser

While sausage sizzle ideas are an excellent way to raise funds for your cause or charity, it requires significant effort and careful event planning. A successful fundraiser doesn't happen by chance; it's the result of deliberate planning and execution.

To assist you in organising a memorable sausage sizzle fundraiser, follow these general steps:

Set your fundraising goal

One of the best sausage sizzle tips is to start by establishing a clear goal to provide your planning with the right direction. Ask yourself:

  1. What is your purpose? Are you raising funds for a community project, a charitable cause, a school program, a sports team, or something else?
  2. What is your fundraising target? Specify how much money you aim to raise, ensuring it aligns with your cause or project.
  3. How long will your fundraiser run? Knowing the duration, whether hours or days, will help you plan activities and strategies effectively.

Decide the details of your charity event

With your goal in mind, you can decide on specific event details, including:

  1. Choose a date and time: Select a time when your target audience, whether customers or donors, is likely to be available. Consider holidays, weekends, and local events.
  2. Determine the event venue: Ensure the location is easily accessible and has enough space for gathering and serving customers.
  3. Plan the event flow and layout: Consider how attendees will move around the event space, where the lines will start, how orders will be taken, and where people will eat. Determine the arrangement of tables and the placement of grills and other essential elements.

Estimate expected attendance

Have an idea of how many people might attend your event. This is crucial for budgeting and determining food quantities and venue size.

Set your event budget

Securing the initial funds for your sausage sizzle is essential. Calculate expenses for the venue, ingredients, equipment, labour, insurance, and more. With estimated expenses in mind, establish your budget effectively. If you’re planning to work with Bunnings, be sure to check Bunnings sausage sizzle requirements.

Determine your pricing strategy

Figuring out how much to charge for your sausages and other items is crucial. Avoid pricing too high, as it can deter customers, but also avoid going too low to ensure profitability.

To set your prices, consider studying what other sausage sizzle organisers charge. If you have prior experience, that can guide your pricing strategy. Offering special deals and discounts, like selling one sausage for $3 or two for $5, can encourage attendees to make more purchases.

Use modern fundraising platforms and payment options

Incorporate modern tools and technology into your sausage sizzle fundraiser. Explore online fundraising platforms such as GoFundMe, Givebutter, and Kickstarter. Provide mobile payment options like Venmo, Square, and PayPal, and use QR codes for quick payments.

If you're charging an entry fee or offering special packages, consider using online ticketing services such as Ticketleap, which allows you to create a dedicated website for your fundraiser, promote your event, sell tickets, and manage attendees.

Gather supplies and equipment

Ensure you have all the necessary supplies and equipment for your sausage sizzle. This includes cooking utensils, plates, cups, napkins, tables, grills, fire extinguishers, rubbish bags and bins, takeaway containers, price lists, cleaning products, and, depending on the event's size, a PA system.

Consider adding more food menu options or games and activities

Don't limit your offerings to just sausages. Consider including other food items like drinks, desserts, burgers, kebabs, steak sandwiches, or club merchandise and memberships.

Enhance your fundraiser by offering various activities, particularly for attendees waiting for their orders. These activities can include running a raffle, hosting live performances and games, providing face painting, setting up photo booths, organising craft and DIY stations, cooking demonstrations, workshops, and more. You may even sell tickets for these additional activities to raise additional funds for your chosen cause.

Check legal requirements

Given that you're dealing with food, ensure compliance with local rules and regulations. Consult your city's health authorities for specific permit requirements. Remember to secure the necessary insurance policy to cover potential issues and expenses in case of unforeseen incidents.

Create a team of volunteers

As this is a fundraising event, recruiting volunteers is likely necessary. Determine the number of volunteers you need to handle tasks such as serving, cooking, taking orders, setup, cleanup, cashiering, and promotion. Strive for a balanced team, ensuring there are not too many volunteers, which could potentially reduce income due to additional expenses.

Look for event sponsors

Before dipping into your own funds, explore sponsorship opportunities with companies interested in supporting your cause. In return for their support, offer to display signage at your booth promoting their business or provide them with a certificate of appreciation for display.

Promote your event

What’s the use of organising the best sausage sizzle if no one or only a few people come, right? That’s why promoting your event plays a key role in the success of your sausage sizzle.

There are different ways to promote your event. These are some of them:

  • Use social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.
  • Use eye-catching visuals such as posters, digital graphics, and flyers.
  • Reach out to local newspapers, magazines, influencers, and radio stations.
  • Use community bulletin boards located in community centres, libraries, grocery stores, and coffee shops.
  • Utilise email marketing.

Set up and execute plans

On the day of your event, arrive early and ensure you have a checklist of essential items and tasks. Arrange grills, tables, and cooking equipment at the venue, and put up informative signage and banners.

Greet attendees warmly, efficiently take orders, assemble meals, and collect payments. Engage with attendees, share information about your cause, and offer opportunities for additional donations through digital and physical donation boxes.

If there are surplus supplies at the end, consider selling them to attendees or distributing them to volunteers. Express sincere gratitude to attendees and donors and reassure them that the funds raised will be used for a good cause.

After the event, perform a thorough cleaning, leaving the area cleaner than when you arrived.

Post-event evaluation

After the event, it's crucial to assess its overall success. This step is vital in organising a sausage sizzle fundraiser as it enables you to enhance future planning and activities. You can use these questions as a guide when evaluating your fundraiser:

  • Did we achieve our fundraising goal?
  • How many attendees did we have?
  • What feedback did we receive about the sausages and other food items?
  • How effectively did we communicate the purpose of our fundraising?
  • How well did our volunteers perform?
  • Were we able to adhere to our allocated budget?
  • How satisfied were our attendees?
  • What aspects of our event went exceptionally well?
  • What areas could have been improved?

Organise a Sausage Sizzler fundraiser now!

You now have a comprehensive guide to organise your sausage sizzle fundraiser. Keep in mind that every fundraising event is unique, so feel free to adapt or modify the steps mentioned in this article to suit your specific needs. However, the ultimate objective of the sausage sizzle fundraiser remains consistent: to foster a spirit of giving by providing a platform where people can come together for a noble cause.