How to Promote an Event on Instagram 2023

With a staggering 1.35 billion users on the app today, Instagram offers an incredible chance to connect with fresh fans and cultivate your dream community. Among the array of social media platforms out there, Instagram shines as one of the most versatile, empowering you to share captivating photos, engaging videos, and so much more. To fully leverage the potential of your Instagram event content and showcase every facet of your remarkable gatherings, we invite you to embrace our experts' recommendations below!

Why Instagram?

According to a Global Media study, Instagram reigns supreme when it comes to discovering new brands. Imagine if your event was one of those brands! Beyond its enormous user base, Instagram’s versatility is something to sing about. You've got photos, videos, stories, reels, and even live streams at your fingertips. Think about the buzz you can create! Plus, if you have the right strategy in place, it could be the perfect tool for your event marketing.

Mapping out your strategy 

Before you start creating posts, it's essential to have a clear roadmap for your Instagram event promotion. Start by defining your objectives: are you aiming to sell a specific number of tickets or maybe grow your account by a certain percentage? Next, evaluate the resources at your disposal. Ask yourself if you'll be managing your Instagram journey alone or if you'll have your team's help.

Also, think about your budgetary allocations for advertising. When it comes to editing your video content, will you edit within Instagram or consider using a third-party app like CapCut, Final Cut, or Adobe Premiere Pro? Consistency is your BFF here! Whether it’s filming, editing, or scheduling posts, make it a regular effort. A content calendar can come in handy, especially when you’re dropping info like artist lineups, exclusive ticket discounts, or giveaways.

Types of content

Instagram is packed with diverse content types, each ready to help you bond with your audience in exciting ways. Once you get a feel for each, you'll see your followers grow and ticket sales climb. Let's explore these four main content types: 

1. Reels

Who’ll see it: Reels appear on the feeds of both followers and non-followers. 

About: Ever checked out the Reels tab on Instagram? It's where you'll find snappy videos, all under 90 seconds, that also pop up in your main feed and the Explore tab. Thanks to the TikTok wave, these bite-sized videos have become the new cool, and they're a fabulous way to catch the eyes of fresh audiences. Fun fact: Over half the content that gets reshared on Instagram is Reels, so they've got a pretty good shot at going viral. 

A few tips:

  1. Grab viewers' attention in the first three seconds with a hook.
  2. Use trendy audio clips.
  3. Spice it up with transitions, effects, and texts so viewers can watch the whole video.
  4. Add your location to help people in your area find your video easily.
  5. Include 5-8 hashtags relating to your event’s niche.
  6. Select up to three topics using Instagram’s categorisation tool.
  7. Include a question or call to action (e.g., ‘Tag five friends in the comments to see this!’) to boost engagement.

Cool ideas for you: 

  • Share some backstage shenanigans, event countdowns, or even an event staff dance-off
  • Ask funny questions to your event attendees

2. Posts

Who’ll see it: Mainly your followers, but others might find your post in the Explore tab too. 

About: Think of Instagram Posts as your virtual photo album. You can share anywhere from 1 to 10 snaps or videos at a time. And, unlike quick Reels, your videos here can be 60 minutes long. While Reels are all about grabbing attention, posts let you engage with your followers. So, flaunt those event pics! Showcase crowd vibes from past gigs or drop teasers about who's performing next.

A few tips:

  1. Keep the vibe consistent. Match the colours and filters to your event’s branding, and use that golden hour light for fab, high-quality photos.
  2. Put the showstopper up front if you’re sharing multiple photos. Mixing photos and videos in a post? Instagram says, "Yes, please!" 
  3. Add your location and calendar reminders for upcoming events to your posts.
  4. Shoutout to the stars! Tag sponsors, guests, partners, or anyone making your event the place to be.
  5. Use 5-8 hashtags to help people discover what you're all about.
  6. Craft interesting event promotion captions for Instagram. Ask a question, stir up some excitement, or get them to act (like buy those tickets!). 
  7. Turn on the “Upload at highest quality” setting. Because who doesn't love crisp pics?

3. Stories 

Who'll see it: Mostly your loyal followers, but sometimes non-followers might find them after checking out your Reels or posts. 

About: These photos or video clips hang around for just 24 hours, popping up at the top of your feed or when someone clicks on your profile. You can use your Stories to give a backstage pass to your followers, showing them the behind-the-scenes of your planning process. A few ideas: share a moment from your day, give a shoutout to others' event posts, or even throw in an entertaining poll for kicks.

A few tips:

  1. Pop a story up daily if you have something to say or show. It's an excellent way to stay in the minds of your followers. 
  2. Spice things up with polls, those cute emoji sliders, or even a Q&A session. Keeps things interactive!
  3. Mention other accounts in your Stories. Who knows? They might return the favour.
  4. Share links that'll guide viewers to grab their tickets. Besides the link in your Bio, Stories is the only place you can share a clickable link!
  5. Spot a post that'll resonate with your audience? Share it! 

4. Live

Who’ll see it: Primarily your loyal followers; newcomers might need a little help finding it.

About: Instagram Live is that fun spot right at the top of your feed, just before Stories. It's your golden ticket to make your event shine and connect deeply with your followers. The cherry on top is that you can save your Live content and post it later! Got a Q&A planned with your event's star guest? Or maybe you want to give a sneak peek of the event? Go Live!

Going live also gives you more opportunities to sell tickets online

A few tips:

  1. Give your followers a heads-up (via your Posts or Stories) before you hit 'Live'. 
  2. Check your connection and maybe even do a mini rehearsal using Practice mode
  3. Think of a catchy title for your livestream. That way, you can grab your follower’s attention.
  4. A warm "Hey [Name]!" as your fans join can make them feel right at home.
  5. Want to collaborate with other event planners? With Live Rooms, you can invite a couple of people (up to 3) to join in.
  6. Be open to questions. It's chat time, after all!

Next-level Instagram growth hacks

Now that you've solidified your content strategy, how about some bonus tips to make your Instagram truly shine? A hot tip from Instagram's very own Adam Mosseri: be active! Instagram really loves it when you mingle. So, dive right in—like, comment, share, and shoot a message or two. Why not?

Take a sneak peek at other accounts in your event niche. What's getting the love? Let that inspire some of your own cool posts. And give your attendees and team a little nudge to tag you in their posts—it's an amazing way to position your event in front of a fresh crowd.

And a little reminder—update your bio as often as possible. Use the link space to guide people straight to where they can buy their tickets, be it your main event page, website, or handy tools like Linktree. Because, at the end of the day, you want your awesome followers to join the party in real life. 

Promoting an event on Instagram like a pro!

With these tips in your back pocket, it's your time to shine! Whip up some cool posts, showcase your events, and if you're ever in doubt, just roll with it. Remember, social media's more about feeling the vibe than following a strict formula. Keep at it, stay consistent, and most importantly, enjoy the journey!