How to Sell Event Tickets Online

You've got this amazing event idea, nailed down your venue, and have your awesome performers all set to go. Now, how should you sell your event tickets online? That’s where Ticketleap comes in! We've prepared a super simple guide on how to sell event tickets online so you can start selling tickets fast and maximise your revenue. Check out these eight steps to set yourself up for success every step of the way!

Step 1: Create your dedicated event page

To sell tickets online, you'll want to set up a dedicated page where your future attendees can dive into all the juicy details about your event and easily grab tickets. With an intuitive ticketing platform, there’s no need to stress about technical experience or coding know-how! All it takes is a quick sign-up that won’t take more than a few minutes of your time.

Once you're all signed up, you can jump into action with a customisable template, giving you the power to make an event listing that matches your events theme and makes purchasing tickets simple. 

Step 2: Jazz up your event page with details and pics

It's time to jazz up your event page and make it shine! Give folks the lowdown on what makes your event a must-attend and cover the nitty-gritty stuff like where and when it's happening. 

Remember, first impressions are everything, so imagine you're chatting with your target audience. Write your event description in a way that speaks right to their hearts. In just a few snazzy sentences, spill the beans on what your event is all about.

Keep it crystal clear yet concise when you explain why they absolutely need to be there. For example, if it's a local festival, let them know they'll be grooving to tunes and making epic memories with their crew. And if you really want to optimise your event website, toss in a killer high-res pic that wows. Make sure your site looks fab on both desktop and mobile and more.

Step 3: Set up how you’ll get paid

Part of event planning is sorting out how you'll collect your payments from your ticket sales. The main deal is linking your bank account to your ticketing magic, and voilà, you’re all set to take payment for any ticket sales or registrations for your upcoming event.

Usually, you'll see the funds pop into your account a few business days after your epic event wraps up. 

Step 4: Shout it from the rooftops!

The ultimate ticket-selling recipe? Whip up a killer marketing plan that'll have everyone buzzing. Think social media blitz, email blasts, awesome sponsorships, and more!

To fill those seats, get the hype started months in advance and keep the buzz going till the event day. Want some extra firepower for your marketing mojo? Serve up sizzling content like lineup reveals, sweet giveaways, fun contests, and sneak peeks behind the curtain to sprinkle across your social feeds.

When selling event tickets online, don't forget to hit up your past event-goers or newsletter subscribers with an email campaign that'll get them pumped for the next gig. And hey, don't underestimate the power of old-school methods like plastering flyers in local joints – they can reel in a bunch of locals itching for a good time. 

Step 5: Let the ticket sales begin!

You've got your event page all set up and your payment method locked in, now it's time to start selling tickets to your event! Before you leap into action, make sure you've tapped into all the awesome features your ticketing platform has to offer.

We're talking about offering multiple ticket types (like general admission, VIP or timed entry), event registration questions, and options for tickets to multiple shows or time slots. Once your tickets are up for grabs, spread the word far and wide! Shout it out on your social media and plaster it proudly on your website so everyone knows it's time to snag their golden tickets.

Step 6: Keep tabs on your sales

Now that you're a pro at selling event tickets online, you can dive into the data. Create custom reports based on your sales, orders, and attendees that'll give you insight into your event in a flash. Plus, those clever reporting tools will help you spot any pesky red flags, like big orders or sneaky duplicate accounts, to dodge chargebacks.

Step 7: Welcome your awesome guests

A top-notch ticketing platform should make rolling out the welcome mat a breeze and keep those entry lines moving at warp speed on the big day. You've got options galore to choose from: you can scan tickets quickly using your platform's nifty mobile app, or go old-school and print out a guest list to check folks off manually. Whichever route you go when you need to know how to sell tickets to an event, a fantastic ticketing platform (like Ticketleap, wink!) makes the check-in hustle super quick, easy, and secure. Oh, and speaking of event-day essentials, don't forget to snag our free checklist!

Step 8: Keep the party going!

Once the curtains close on your amazing event, those custom reports will be your trusty sidekick. Send out follow-up emails with surveys to your guest list to get the scoop on their thoughts and dive into the responses from your registration forms to fine-tune your next shindig. 

Figure out which marketing strategies brought in the most sales and which ones can be optimised. You can even send targeted email blasts to let your attendees know about upcoming gigs and toss in some sweet discount codes for future fun they can share with their friends.

Follow these step-by-step gems when selling online tickets, and you'll be on your way to hosting your most epic event yet! And guess what? Ticketleap’s user-friendly software walks you through the whole ticket-selling adventure. From crafting your snazzy event page to packing the house, Ticketleap has the right toolbox full of features to guide you every step of the way.