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8 Event Safety Tips for Haunted Attractions

Halloween is certainly a thrill seeker's favourite season for some good scares with friends! As they venture through your haunted attraction, you'll want procedures in place that'll ensure your event runs smoothly and everyone is safe at all times (so there are no actual scares on our watch!). That way, your attendees can simply get lost in the spine-chilling experience and have the best time possible. Ready to learn more? Let's uncover the secrets of hosting a terrifying haunt that's also a safe and secure one!

1. Conduct a risk assessment 

To conduct a risk assessment, record any potential hazards like uneven flooring, low ceilings, sharp edges, and poor lighting to help you keep an eye out for (and prevent!) any accidents from happening. As you analyse your event space, consider how likely these hazards are to occur and what prevention steps you might take. Also, consider the number and types of guests attending (including kids and the elderly), how your actors will move around, and the different scare elements involved. By recording this information and using it to make informed safety decisions, you'll be on your way to creating a safe and enjoyable haunted attraction.

2. Develop a safety plan

To kick off your safety plan, start by reviewing the risk assessment you just put together. Outline well-defined emergency procedures for incidents like fires, severe weather, or medical emergencies, as well as implement effective security measures to handle them. Make sure pathways and exits are made clear, and your props and sets are securely in place so attendees don't accidentally trip as they walk through. It's also a smart idea to map out your haunt with clear markers to the nearest exits. You can share a copy of this map with your attendees prior to the event, as well as post it around your haunt. Depending on the types of scares you have in store, you may need to obtain permits or licences, like a special effects licence or a fire safety permit, for your haunt. 

3. Implement fire safety measures

To create a super safe haunted attraction, implementing fire safety measures is absolutely essential. For one, install fire extinguishers in easily accessible locations throughout your venue and regularly inspect them to ensure they're in top-notch condition (most need to be replaced roughly every two years). If you need additional insight, reach out to your local fire department for recommendations on where to place them. Prior to event day, you should also test and replace the batteries in your fire alarm systems as needed. Remember to have a well-prepared emergency plan that includes when and how to evacuate for any potential fire incidents.

4. Provide full training for staff and actors

On top of bringing your scary experience to life, your staff members are also responsible for knowing how to provide a safe experience for your guests. Leading up to event day, dedicate time to go over your safety plan and emergency protocols with them. For smooth coordination, establish who their primary and secondary points of contact are in case of an emergency and how to quickly reach them (e.g., cell phone, walkie-talkies). For your actors specifically, they should receive specific training on proper scare techniques and guest interaction (like whether or not they are allowed to touch attendees). Plus, make sure your actors have costumes and makeup that don't hinder their vision or mobility, allowing them to deliver their spine-tingling performances flawlessly.

‍5. Communicate safety instructions clearly

As potential attendees get ready to buy their tickets, ensure your website and event ticketing page clearly inform buyers of your scare intensity level and any age restrictions so everyone has a spooktacular time. Once they've secured their tickets to your haunting experience, you should also send them an email with any important safety instructions and emergency protocols they may need to know beforehand. It's also super important to display signs throughout your attraction that remind guests of your safety guidelines as well. You'll want to hear from your guests too! Because their feedback is valuable in keeping your experience safe for all, encourage them to report any concerns they may have to you and your staff. 

6. Have attendees sign your waiver

With TicketLeap's full suite of ticketing features, adding waivers and building comprehensive event pages are a breeze! On your event page, you'll want to include any important information upfront about expectations regarding the spooky nature of your haunt and any rules your attendees need to abide by, like not being allowed to touch actors. You'll want to disclose any effects of your haunted attraction that may not be suitable for those with certain medical conditions. For instance, make sure to specify if you use any strobe lights that could trigger a seizure. With TicketLeap, you can seamlessly embed your waiver into the checkout process for your ticket buyers to sign when purchasing their tickets, so you know everyone's on the same page!

7. Hire professional security

To help maintain order and swiftly address any potential threats that come up, you should hire trained security professionals as part of your event's team. Your security personnel can monitor lines to preemptively identify any disturbances and look out for ticket scalpers. For an extra layer of security and your attendees' peace of mind, consider implementing bag checks and metal detectors at your haunt's entrance too. With professional security personnel on board, you can rest assured that your guests' safety is in capable hands and can focus on delivering your most thrilling experience to date!

8. Manage crowd flow

In order to control the number of attendees enjoying the thrills of your haunt at any given time, implement timed entry ticketing (part of TicketLeap's complete set of features!) so your attendees can select the best time to come to your event. This will help you stay within the capacity limit of your venue, ensuring a safe, comfortable experience for everyone. Depending on the size of your haunt, set up multiple check-in areas using stanchions, floor tape, or spray paint (if you're outside) to differentiate your lines, help direct your crowd, and prevent any overcrowding. By following these crowd management strategies, you'll be well on your way to creating a haunting event that flows seamlessly from start to finish.

Ready to take your haunted attraction to the next level? Look no further than TicketLeap! With our user-friendly platform, you can easily sell tickets to specific time slots, add event waivers, and streamline your event management process. Sign up within minutes and get ready to make this haunt season your best one yet!

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