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7 Festive Autumn Activity Ideas

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On top of the golden leaves and pumpkin spice, autumn welcomes in tons of fun seasonal events with each new year! Whether you're the event organiser of a farm, orchard, school, or another organisation, hosting autumn-themed events is a surefire way to draw in excited attendees and drive more revenue at the height of the season. Looking for ways to level up your event with some extra fall-related fun? We've got some fall activity ideas for you to try!

1. Bonfire

As the sun sets and the air gets a bit chilly, bonfires are a fan favourite addition for outdoor venues. It's a unique way to foster community, bringing attendees together to share spooky stories, enjoy some s'mores, and maybe even have a jam session with some of your event's performers! As one of your fall festival ideas, this could be the ideal setting for an afterparty to wind down from the main festivities earlier that day. You could build one large fire or a few smaller ones (depending on the size of your event), set up chairs, and sell s'mores supplies. Don't forget to check that your venue permits bonfires, and make sure to have a staff member watching it at all times. You'll also want to consult with your state and city's open burn regulations, as well as any local ordinances. 

2. Cider tasting

Nothing screams autumn like a hot cup of apple cider! Set up a cider station for people to enjoy, along with some extra options to spice up their drink (like orange zest, cinnamon sticks, or apple slices). Your cider tasting can also be the perfect time to celebrate with beer and hard cider tastings (definitely among popular fall festival activities for adults)! You could get your sponsors and local vendors involved too, letting them share samples of their drinks with your attendees and help them get their products out there.

3. Candy corner

Trick-or-treating isn't the only time for filling up on candy! As a sure hit among kids or adults with a sweet tooth, having a booth for building your own bag of festive candy can be a tasty addition to your event. You could include candy corn, gummies, butterscotch, chocolate covered pretzels, and other candies in an assortment of reds, yellows, and oranges to match the autumn atmosphere. Set the candy out in decorative containers with tongs or serving spoons, with clear bags for people to fill to the brim. You could also try a candy apple bar where attendees dip their own apples (either slices or whole apples) into caramel before covering it with toppings like peanuts, sprinkles, or chocolate chips. You'll want to be mindful of any potential nut allergies, so consider sending registration questions about them to your attendees to accommodate accordingly.

4. Flower bouquet station

Let your event-goers build a beautiful bouquet at a flower bar, complete with seasonal flowers like kangaroo paw, banksia, and waratah, alongside vibrant sunflowers and chrysanthemums. Set the flowers out in pales or wooden crates, with labels on them in case anyone's curious what kind of flowers they are. Add other autumn-related items for the bouquets at your station, like colorful autumn leaves or pine cones. These flowers could be wrapped in paper, burlap, or set in mason jars. It'll be a perfect decoration to take home that your attendees are sure to tell their friends about!

5. Fall-themed photo ops

Channel your inner photographer, and build a cute photo booth at your venue that's decked out in tons of fall-related decorations. It'll be a perfect spot for attendees to capture some memorable moments at your event. Pick your location (e.g., in front of some barn doors or a wagon) and decorate it with things like maple leaves, string lights, hay bales, or warm-colored balloons. You could even reuse some old rustic doors as a sustainable option. Consider stringing a banner across the backdrop with a witty phrase about autumn and/or your brand name. Remember, this is a prime opportunity for your event marketing! So, encourage people to tag your Instagram, Facebook, or other social media accounts when they post their photos with your backdrop.

6. Bush dancing

Get ready to kick up your heels Aussie-style! For this autumn activity, find a spacious area — whether it's under a pavilion, outdoors on a flat surface, or even in a local hall. Engage a bush dance caller who will guide your guests through traditional Australian bush dances, complete with lively square dances, line dances, and other enjoyable moves. Enhance the atmosphere with live music from a band or DJ playing tunes that'll get everyone moving. It's a fantastic way to foster community spirit and create lasting memories, allowing attendees to mingle and dance with new friends they might not have met otherwise.

7. Carnival games

Looking for some fall event ideas that are fun for the whole family? Try throwing a carnival at your event! Add autumn-themed games like bobbing for apples or classic carnival games like a ring toss and dunk tank. You could also offer face painting or a craft corner for kids to make some festive autumn-related crafts. If you're hosting an event on a farm, this is the perfect opportunity to offer pony rides or open up a small petting zoo for people to visit.

Falling for any of these fall event ideas yet? Give some of them a try and level up your next autumn event. Then, as you're planning your event, consider using TicketLeap's user-friendly platform to sell your tickets!

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