6 Event Photography Tips for Organisers

What better way to market your next event than by giving potential attendees a glimpse of what they can be a part of? On top of capturing unforgettable memories, event photography is a powerful tool for curating the perfect promotional materials to sell out events! If you follow our event photography tips, you and your staff will snap awesome photos without needing to budget for a professional photographer. Read on to learn how to take your skills up a notch, using only your phone.

You've put your heart into organising and selling tickets for an event, and the big day arrives with all the enthusiasm you've imagined. As your hard work comes to life, you want to make sure these amazing memories linger. But how exactly? This is where event photography comes in handy! Cool event photos not only capture memories but also create perfect marketing material for your next event. Although it may seem a bit daunting, especially when resources and photo-taking know how are limited, our 6 tips on how to ace your event photography with only your phone can set you up for success!

What is event photography?

Event photography captures the heart of every gathering, snapping the best moments, laughs, and surprises. But it's not just for nostalgia; these photos are a treasure trove for event planners. Looking to promote your next event? Use your vibrant shots from the last one! When folks see everyone having a blast, they won't want to miss out. Sharing these pics on social media, through email campaigns, or on your event website can skyrocket ticket sales and get sponsors excited. Plus, they're perfect for backing up glowing testimonials. After all, a lively photo is your loudest cheerleader, saying, "Join the fun at our next event!"

Using your phone for event photography

With today’s advanced technology, taking event photos with just your smartphone is a possibility. All you need to know is how to adjust your camera settings and master photography angles, and you’ll be ready to go - no fancy camera equipment required!

1. Master your flash settings

Understanding your camera's flash settings is a key aspect of all event photography. Lighting is the foundation of any shot, yet it can be tricky to achieve during events. When indoors or in low-light situations, your phone's flash can be your best friend. However, using it effectively is a skill in and of itself.

Here are some flash settings for event photography tips: 

  • Get to know your phone's flash options: Learn how to use the different flash modes on your phone ahead of your event. Some phones include features such as auto-flash, fill-flash, and off-flash. Experiment with each to find which works best for your event’s environment.
  • Bounce the flash: If your phone's flash is too harsh, consider bouncing the light off a nearby wall or ceiling. This diffuses the light, creating a softer and more flattering effect on the subject you are shooting - something that all your event attendees will appreciate!
  • Combine flash with ambient light: Don't solely rely on your phone's flash. Combine it with the available ambient light for a more natural-looking result. This technique works well during indoor events.
  • Adjust flash intensity: Some phones allow you to adjust the flash intensity. If your subjects are close, dial down the flash to prevent overexposure and harsh shadows.
  • Avoid over-flash: While flash can be great, overuse can lead to washed-out photos. Test out your flash settings in different scenarios to strike the right balance and ensure you are getting the best quality pictures of your event day. 

Remember, the key is experimentation. So, try different lighting conditions and flash settings to see what works best for the vibe you want to capture. 

2. Get candid

Candid moments at events are where the magic is! Sure, posed shots have their place, but nothing beats the charm of real, spontaneous interactions. From friends laughing together to a speaker's passionate gaze or a child's wonder-filled eyes, these unscripted moments tell the event's story best. To nail these shots, aim to be invisible. Blend into the background so attendees are none the wiser. Got a zoom lens? Perfect! It's your ticket to close-ups without feeling intrusive. Just keep your eyes peeled, stay low-key, and watch as genuine moments naturally unfold. 

3. Use the Rule of Thirds

Use the rule of thirds to capture captivating scenes—whether it's a keynote speaker or someone enjoying themselves. To do this, imagine your camera screen divided into nine equal squares, like a tic-tac-toe grid. Position your subject in the right or left third of your shot while leaving the other two-thirds open. Also, many phones have a gridline feature you can turn on for guidance. This technique ensures your photos aren't just centred but have a lively and balanced look. And for added flair? Use surrounding elements like trees or the crowd to naturally frame and highlight your subject.

4. Experiment with phone camera features

First up, we’ve got panorama mode. Use it for capturing event landscapes that make your jaw drop. Then, there’s portrait mode—perfect for those up-close shots that make your subject pop. It blurs the background, making the subject the star of the show. And don’t forget high dynamic range (HDR) mode for those tricky lighting situations. It balances out harsh lights and deep shadows, giving your photos a polished look. Remember, each mode adds a new dimension to your pictures—so experiment!

5. Work your editing magic

Editing is where the real transformation happens. Once you’ve taken your shots, feel free to dive into editing apps—a slight bit of editing can turn a good photo into something truly spectacular. 

Here are some tips to help you edit your event photos:

  • Adjust the colours to make them pop if they're dull, or tone them down if they’re too vibrant.
  • Work on the exposure, as lighting can be tricky, but slightly adjusting exposure can make your photo shine. 
  • Crop photos to remove distracting elements and bring focus to what truly matters.

But keep in mind that moderation is key. A subtle touch can make your photos stand out without going overboard. 

6. Try different angles

Shooting from eye level is a classic shot, but different camera angles can bring a whole new perspective to your photos. At a child's birthday party? A low angle can make their joyful moments feel larger-than-life. At a big concert or festival? An overhead shot captures the crowd's collective energy and the vastness of the gathering. And for sports events, catching athletes from below as they jump or dash makes their feats even more thrilling. Playing with angles can add some extra pizzazz and intrigue to your shots that a straight-on shot might miss. 

Go forth and capture your events like a pro!

Planning an event takes time, from selling tickets online to choosing a venue. So it's only natural that you'd want to preserve memories, and taking good photos with your phone can help. Take your event to new heights now that you've learned these event photography how to’s. Capture candid vibes, experiment with camera settings, and work your editing magic. Remember that every photograph tells a story, so use these event photography tips to tell yours in the best way possible.