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How Ticketleap Works

The tools you need to build an awesome event

Event management

With our built-in event management software, it’s easier than ever to stay on top of your event. Generate attendee lists, manage day-of operations, and quickly check in guests with our free mobile app.


Our intuitive ticketing platform makes selling out tickets online a breeze. Create mobile-friendly branded event pages, learn more about buyers with custom registration questions, and more.


Dive deeper into your event. Create custom sales, order, and attendee reports to understand how your event is performing and use that data to create awesome future experiences.

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Simple, straightforward pricing

When you sell tickets on our platform, our fees are just $1 + 5% of the ticket price. Pass those fees onto your buyers and it’s totally free for you to sell tickets online. And remember, with TicketLeap, free events are always free!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What event management tools does TicketLeap offer?

TicketLeap’s easy setup, smart reporting, and fee management are just a taste of the great event management features we offer (for totally free) to all event organisers.

Can I access detailed analytics from my event?

Yes! TicketLeap offers smart reporting, including sales and ticketing analytics, for all your events. That means you’ll know your attendees on an even deeper level, and can manage your events with ease.

How do I sell tickets online?

You can start selling tickets online in just a few minutes with TicketLeap. Simply sign up for a free account, create your customisable event page, and turn on ticket sales today!

Can I process event registrations with TicketLeap?

Yes! With our super simple system, you can easily set up registrations for your event in minutes. And with features like multiple ticket types, registration questions at checkout, discount codes, and more, you’ll make your events better than ever!

Why other users love Ticketleap

"As a black box theatre owner with a separate full-time job, I really appreciate how efficiently I can create, promote, and manage my shows. It only takes a couple of minutes to have a volunteer ready to check patrons in or sell tickets at the door. I couldn’t do it without you, TicketLeap!"

Comedy Arts Theater of Charlotte

"First and foremost, the TicketLeap staff is friendly and very helpful. I wouldn’t use any other ticketing company. Their whole system is extremely user-friendly, and their customisation tools are exactly what I need to bring my event page to life. Highly recommend it."

Bandas Y Trocas

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