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Branded Event Pages

Create your own branded event page, complete with your event’s colours, details, photos, and videos to make it feel like an extension of your website.

Registration Questions

Ask custom questions to your customers at checkout, like their t-shirt size or what band they’re most excited to see, to gain valuable information and create even better events.


Require ticket buyers to read and agree to the terms of your event before purchasing tickets so they know what to expect onsite and so you can share crucial event information up front.

Mobile Check-In

Download our free mobile check-in app (on either iOS or Android) to scan attendees into your event in seconds, look up orders, and more. It really is that simple!

Discount Codes

Share exclusive discount codes for select events, dates, or ticket types to drive more sales, offering a flat amount or a percentage off tickets for your audience base.

Pay What You Want Tool

Let customers contribute as much or as little as they want per ticket instead of determining a set price to encourage more people to buy tickets in advance and make it easier to donate.

Multiple Ticket Types

Sell any type of ticket, like general admission, VIP, and early bird tickets, on a single event page. Plus, you can make them all available at different quantities, times, and price points.

Email Blasts

BCC your entire attendee list in your own email provider with a single click so you can communicate important day-of details, promote event highlights, and share VIP opportunities.

Ticket Exchanges

Add more flexibility to your event offering and accommodate attendees’ busy schedules by swapping their tickets for a new date or time, or for another one of your events entirely!

Event management

Fast Setup

As soon as you sign up for a free TicketLeap account, it only takes a few minutes to create a branded event page, add important event details, and launch your ticket sales.

Multi-Date Events

Add multiple dates and times for the same event so you can keep all your ticket sales data in one place and easily track the most popular times for ticket buyers to attend.

Fee Management

Easily manage all your ticketing fees, including taxes, and decide if you want to pass those fees onto your customers (so it's free for you to sell tickets) or absorb the costs yourself.

Smart Reporting

Create custom reports based on your sales, orders, and attendees so you can get a 360-degree view on how your event is performing and use that data to create awesome future experiences.

TicketLeap Payments

Use our payment gateway to safely and quickly process all your event payments and give your customers peace of mind that their financial credentials are secure.

Free Refunds

If you need to refund customers due to unexpected circumstances, fear not! Refund whole orders or single tickets, void tickets, and issue back partial or full payments for no added fee.


Chargeback Support

Our team fights chargebacks on your behalf by reaching out to customers, collecting evidence of fraudulent claims, and following the status of every dispute from start to finish.

Client Support

Visit our Help Centre or chat with our friendly support team via phone and email if you need help setting up your event listing, want to talk strategy for your admissions, or just need someone to bounce ideas off of.

Ticket Buyer Support

Direct your customers to our Help Centre for answers to common questions about their tickets, payments, and account so you can keep your phone and email lines clear.

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