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Ticketleap was founded in 2003 after realising many of the industry’s ticketing solutions were designed for large-scale events and lacked a user-friendly design. That left a high barrier to entry for smaller events who needed a more flexible solution without any long-term contracts. While our event ticketing system has similar tools as the larger platforms, they’re built to be super simple so all organisers can use them, at no cost.

We quickly made waves in the U.S. by not only offering an easy-to-use platform for smaller events, but also putting an emphasis on providing local support for event organisers. To continue empowering organisers of all types and sizes to create events, we joined the Leap Event Technology family in 2017 as its do-it-yourself solution alongside other event ticketing and technology brands in Australia, Canada, and the U.S. One of these brands was Ticketbooth, the Australia-based enterprise ticketing solution. From the start, it was clear that our vision lined up with Ticketbooth’s: to help organisers connect attendees with their experiences by providing locally-sourced technology and support.

Since then, Australia’s committed community of event organisers has only grown, with Ticketbooth powering over 25,000 events in the country alone. So, with the passion for live events thriving and our own experienced support team already based here, we knew it was time to expand Ticketleap’s free ticketing solution and empower Australian organisers to use our intuitive platform to sell out tickets to all their events.


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