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How Ticketleap Works for Concerts

Ticketleap has the power to make your next concert a great success. With its core features and intuitive functionalities, you’ll have a concert that will be the talk of the town for many weeks!

Here are the specific ways Ticketleap helps you manage your concert ticket sales:

Create a branded event page

Don’t just create a ticketing page to sell concert tickets, but make it your own. With our easy-to-use and powerful ticketing software, you can build a website with your brand front and centre.

Securely sell tickets online

Your customers don’t need to hop into their cars and buy tickets from your kiosk. They can buy tickets online and do it in the most secure way possible. What’s more, your website is available 24/7 so you can sell concert tickets online anywhere, anytime.

Promote and manage events

Do you want to know how to sell concert tickets and promote your event on social media? Do you need to offer discount codes so people would be more than happy to buy your tickets? Perhaps, you want to track your marketing efforts? You can do all these through our intuitive and reliable ticketing solution.

Custom reporting

Don’t just have a mental picture of what is happening at your concert. Get concrete and accurate data through our custom reporting. You’ll know the key performance metrics of your sales and quickly identify room for improvement.

Why choose Ticketleap for concerts

Manage inventory and track capacity

Do you want to accurately know how many tickets you have sold so far and whether you are already reaching your concert’s full capacity? Our ticket inventory management and capacity tracking tools will give you a quick overview of your ticketing sales.

Multiple ticket types

Our event ticketing solution for concerts is designed to seamlessly accommodate a variety of ticket types for your concert events. Whether you need tickets for pre-selling, wish to offer student or senior discounts, or provide special rates for larger groups, we've got you covered.

Multi-date events

Do you have different dates for your events? Maybe, your concert spans multiple days and even weeks, often offering different dates to cater to your event goers' preferences. Thankfully, our ticketing system is designed to effortlessly manage tickets, regardless of the event's duration or the various dates on which they are distributed.

Mobile app event check-in

Our ticketing software isn’t for web use only. We recognise the importance of making it available for our clients who are always on the go. That’s why our user-friendly mobile ticketing solution is available to you and your event goers through a mobile app.

As a concert organiser, you'll have the power to effortlessly monitor your ticket inventory directly from the app. Keep track of ticket sales and check-ins by attendees and gain valuable insights, all at your fingertips.

What sets us apart is our innovative real-time attendee registration feature, which allows you to register participants on the spot. This not only reduces registration wait times but also expedites the check-in process, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.

Registration questions and waivers

We recognise the importance of knowing your audience and the legal aspects of your event when you sell concert tickets. That’s why you can create tickets that come with questions and a waiver for them to sign.

Furthermore, you can effectively communicate necessary conditions and restrictions using our Ticketing Service Agreement as a waiver.

Timed entry ticketing

Discover the power of our top-notch online timed ticketing solutions, tailor-made for concert events, empowering you to effortlessly monitor your event attendees. Stay fully informed about their check-in status, precisely knowing when they arrive. Our cutting-edge mobile app streamlines the process, enabling swift ticket scanning and seamless recording of participants during your concert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Ticketleap’s ticketing software work for concert events?

Use our event ticketing software to sell, manage, and track concert ticket sales. All you need to do is create a free account, customise your event page, start selling tickets, track your marketing strategies, and collect payments.

How secure is the payment processing system for online concert ticket sales?

Our Ticketleap ticketing software is the best place to sell concert tickets because it guarantees a safe and secure experience for all users. We have taken extensive measures to safeguard your data and protect transactions on our platform.

For the utmost security, we rely on established and trusted third-party data centres, ensuring unparalleled protection for your sensitive information. Our site transactions are fortified with secure server software (SSL), providing an extra layer of defence.

Additionally, we go the extra mile by encrypting all personally identifiable information, ensuring the utmost privacy and safety of your details. You can confidently use our platform, knowing that your data is in trustworthy hands.

How much would it cost me to use Ticketleap for my concert?

You'll be amazed to discover that, despite the remarkable features of our ticketing software, we have a delightful surprise in store for you – our product is available absolutely free! Yes, you read that right.

Creating an account won't cost you a single dime. With us, there are no cumbersome contracts to sign, no obligations to commit to, and no need to fret over restrictive service tiers. Our straightforward pricing model empowers you to pass on fees to your ticket buyers or even adjust them strategically to enhance the profitability of your event.

What customer support options are available if I encounter any issues?

We work hard to ensure every aspect of our ticketing software is working at its top performance, so you can sell concert tickets with confidence. However, if there might be issues, concerns, or questions, we are all ears.

We have our Ticketleap Help Centre which offers helpful articles and guides that will answer your questions. You can also email or call us to get in touch with our friendly Client Support team.

Why other users love Ticketleap

"I have used Ticketleap for almost two decades and their commitment to customer service is exceptional!"

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"As far as I'm concerned, Ticketleap is the only web ticketing service worth using. It's easy to set up, very customizable, and they provide products to support sales from the time the event is created to the time customers check in at the door. As always, I am very pleased."

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