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How TicketLeap Works for Museums

TicketLeap is a perfect ticketing tool for museums. It has the necessary features to help you promote and sell tickets, track your sales, and manage your event activities in real-time. Here is how TicketLeap can help you:

Create a branded event page

Build a professional and beautiful event page stamped with your beloved museum brand. With our DIY ticketing software, you don’t need coding skills or web design experience to set up a fully functional page you can call your own.

Securely sell tickets online

Sell with ease and confidence knowing that all payments are made securely. All your earnings will then be sent to your bank in the quickest way possible.

Promote and manage events

Use effective marketing strategies that will increase people’s awareness of the events related to your museum. Our ticketing software for museums allows you to offer discount codes, promote your event on social media, ask them to subscribe to your newsletter, and reward loyal ticket buyers.

Custom reporting

You’ll have access to our powerful and customizable analytics and reporting features to help you track your event registration, promotional efforts and analyse your results. All the performance metrics are gathered together in one place to help you make data-driven decisions quickly and easily.

Why choose TicketLeap for museums

Manage inventory and track capacity

TicketLeap gives you a quick count of your ticketing inventory. You’ll exactly know how many tickets you are selling, how many tickets you have sold, and how many people have checked in for your event.

Multiple ticket types

Our event ticketing solution works well with different types of tickets for your museum events. It could be tickets for pre-selling.

Perhaps, you also offer student or senior discounts. You might also give out special rates for a bigger group of people. How do you track each of them without losing count?

No worries because our ticketing software for museums got you covered. Our ticketing solution allows you to manage whatever ticket types you might offer for your event.

Multi-date events

We recognise that events may run for multiple days and even weeks. Sometimes, there are different dates available for your event goers. Thus, our ticketing system helps you manage tickets no matter how many days or what date you give them out.

Mobile app event check-in

Our mobile ticketing software is available as a mobile app. As the museum event organiser, you can check the status of your ticket inventory through our app. You can check how many tickets have been sold, how many attendees have already checked in, and so much more.

What’s impressive is that you can use our mobile app to register attendees in real-time. This effectively shortens queuing during registration and hastens the check-in process.

Registration questions and waivers

Do you have questions to ask your attendees? Do you want them to sign a waiver? If yes, then TicketLeap is here for you.

You can actually collect more details from your attendees by sending them a list of questions. You can also communicate conditions and restrictions in the form of a waiver through our platform. You can use our Ticketing Service Agreement for your waiver.

Timed entry ticketing

Use our best online timed ticketing solutions for museums to track attendees. Know precisely whether they have already checked in and when they do. Our mobile app can scan tickets, which makes it more efficient to receive and record who joins your museum event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from TicketLeap’s ticketing software in the museum industry?

Our easy-to-use timed ticketing for museums is perfect for museum administrators, event coordinators, museum marketing teams, and anyone who needs to sell, manage, and track museum event tickets.

Can I use TicketLeap even if I don’t have coding skills?

Yes, absolutely! Our ticketing system is a do-it-yourself ticketing solution that allows you to simply click and drag elements into your ticketing website. You can choose from hundreds of our ticketing website templates or create your own design. Whether you are a techy guy who wants to quickly set up a website or you’re a museum administrator with zero coding knowledge, TicketLeap is the perfect choice for you.

How much would it cost me to use TicketLeap?

In spite of how cool our ticketing software is, you’ll be surprised that we offer our product for free! You can create an account without spending a single dime. There are no contracts to sign, commitments to make, or restrictive service tiers to worry about. Our simple pricing solution allows you to pass on fees to your ticket buyers or adjust them to make your event more profitable.

Is it safe to use TicketLeap software?

Yes, our TicketLeap ticketing software is safe to use. We use reputable and trusted third-party data centres to ensure an unmatched and high level of security and protection for your data and the transactions made on our platform. To do this, we use secure server software (SSL) for site transactions. We also encrypt all your personally identifiable information to keep your details private and safe.

Why other users love Ticketleap

"As a black box theatre owner with a separate full-time job, I really appreciate how efficiently I can create, promote, and manage my shows. It only takes a couple of minutes to have a volunteer ready to check patrons in or sell tickets at the door. I couldn’t do it without you, TicketLeap!"

Comedy Arts Theater of Charlotte

"We gratefully utilise the TicketLeap app to seamlessly welcome over 10,000 visitors to our small village of 700 annually for our Christmas Parade. TicketLeap's features and options make our non-profit shine the entire year, and make it an easy experience for our many visitors."

Christmas in Middleburg

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