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Sell tickets online for school plays, charity auctions, concerts, and more with Ticketleap! Our event ticketing software is easy to use, with clear pricing, customisable event pages, and all the event management tools you need for a successful event. You bring the event to life; we streamline the ticketing!

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Got an event? Ticketleap has everything you need to get more attendees and keep them coming back! Our online event ticketing platform is designed to cater to all types of events, allowing you to concentrate on event planning and creating a memorable experience for attendees. With our marketing features, smart reporting tools, and excellent support team, it’s no wonder event creators love using Ticketleap.

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Bring art and history to life with seamless event ticketing! Whether you’re planning an exhibition or special shows, our museum ticketing software is designed to enhance attendees’ experiences. Create a branded event page on our platform and sell out tickets fast!


With Ticketleap, you can enjoy free online ticket sales for schools! We make managing plays, sports, and all school events easy and affordable, charging just a flat $0.49 fee for low-priced tickets. Experience a stress-free ticket purchasing process for parents and students alike!


Rock your concerts with our performing arts ticketing software! Focus on the show while we swiftly handle ticket sales. Ticketleap speeds up attendee check-ins at the door, making entry smooth and quick.


Enjoy streamlined online ticket sales for nonprofits with Ticketleap! Our platform offers flexible pricing and a unique 'name your price' tool, making donation collection simple and cost-effective. Elevate your charity event with ease.

Haunted Attractions

Scare up some excitement with Ticketleap, your go-to ticketing system for haunted attractions. With event marketing tools, like email blasts and social sharing, spreading the word about your spine-tingling event has never been easier!


Make every show a hit with the best event ticketing platform! Our event management tools help you manage ticketing for shows and movies with a simple calendar and quick ticket scanning. Get your audience in fast and fuss-free so they can enjoy the magic on stage or screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell tickets online and onsite with Ticketleap?

Absolutely! You can sell tickets online within minutes with our easy-to-use event ticketing platform, and for door sales, we've got you covered as well!

What kind of reporting tools does Ticketleap offer?

Ticketleap provides detailed analytics for online ticket sales and attendee behaviour, helping you optimise your event's success with precise, data-driven insights.

Can customers buy tickets to multiple different events at once?

Definitely! With Ticketleap, your ticket buyers can add tickets for various events to their cart in one go, streamlining the ticket-buying process

Which industries does Ticketleap cater to?

Ticketleap is versatile! Our top event ticketing platform caters to a wide range of industries, including museums, schools, performing arts, nonprofits, and more.

How can I create and customise tickets for my specific industry event?

Ticketleap lets event creators design unique tickets with ease! Our intuitive design tools let you customise tickets to fit any event, be it a vibrant concert, a school play, or a charity drive. Match your tickets to the theme of your occasion, adding a touch of professionalism and uniqueness to every event.

For over 15 years, we’ve helped event creators sell more than 60 million tickets.

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Why other users love Ticketleap

"Could not rave about this company enough! As a new event company, Ticketleap took a chance on us, and it paid off. Their customer service is top tier, and they have the patience to match. Highly recommend to any business - new or old - in need of ticketing solutions. We look forward to continuing to grow with them."

Epic Events and Entertainment, LLC

"As long-time Ticketleap users, we rely heavily on their services. From easy event set-up on their website to the quick and supportive customer service. Ticketleap offers an easy-to-use platform for both our customers and our team on the backend."

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